To empower individuals to be engaged with the community and achieve personal independence by providing access to resources and life skills.

How we help


Burnaby Outreach and Housing Hub (BHOH) provides direct, on-site support for individuals facing homelessness in the Burnaby area. Individuals have access to basic necessities as well as life skills coaching, referrals to community services, and support in finding and securing housing. The BHOH also incorporates an on-site medical clinic.

Mental Health

The Supported Housing programs provide one-on-one support and a variety of housing options to individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. This program is designed to provide the skills training and support necessary to successfully maintain an independent lifestyle, with clients scheduling regular meetings with support workers to stay on track with their goals.

"If it wasn’t for Progressive Housing Society I would be on the streets. I’ve liked all the staff over the years. They are quality people." -- Steve


Our partner organizations also recognize the need for affordable housing and supports our vision to empower individuals with resources that will increase their quality of life beyond having a roof over their head.

Thank you to all our partner organizations for their generous and continuous support.

How You Can Help


Your contribution will help to provide much needed resources and services to people who are struggling everyday just to meet the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing.


Progressive Housing Society is an established non-profit agency that has supported people living with mental illness or experiencing homelessness for 36 years. We offer a challenging and dynamic work environment with competitive wages and benefits.